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Phoenix Rising: Rise and Thrive

Cancer Recovery to Survivorship

  • Ended
  • 1,200 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom & On Demand

Service Description

Through the Mind-Body Connection improve your immune system, strengthen physical and emotional body and reduce the chance of cancer recurrence. Receiving your cancer diagnosis was an absolute shock to you. Your life hasn’t been the same ever since. Your life, your family and friends… those in your network. Forever changed. Do you remember when your doctor gave you the most wonderful news- “You are now cancer free! Congratulations! We’re done here and we’ll see you at you in 6 months or year for your next scans and tests. Eat Healthy, Exercise, Do Yoga … Call us if you need us.” Did that throw you off guard? They’ve held your hand throughout the process. The surgeries, treatments, medications, various medical appointments, consulting with the Oncology nurses, etc etc. NOW WHAT? What does it mean to ‘eat healthy?’ How do i ‘exercise’ when I wasn’t very active before my diagnosis? Yoga? Seriously? Then off to join a gym, maybe hire a personal trainer (hope they had a background working with cancer patients and survivors). Is this workout correct for my post cancer body? Should I take a hot yoga class because the studio is convenient for me? Does eating healthy mean no carbs? Perhaps you have range of motion issues with a particular body part. Physical Therapy seemed to work. Maybe you’ve had a TRAM. Your joints and muscles hurt like heck and you have the worse case of fatigue you’ve ever experienced. You suffer from brain fog (Chemo Brain) and it’s difficult to remember those yoga moves. I have been teaching yoga and fitness to those touched by cancer since the mid 2000’s. When i reflect on the many similar responses from my students over the years, there are common threads when it pertains to their cancer journey from recovery to survivorship. There are quite a few ‘gaps’ that I feel those in the Oncology departments need to prepare their patients for Life After Cancer. There is a lot of information that was either not given, glossed over or patient couldn’t recall. Based on my experience, I’ve created a program that will not only will help the cancer patient, survivor regain control of their life back, but also educate and motivate them to move safely and correctly. By creating a Mind-Body program, the student will have an overall sense of mental, emotional and physical well being.

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