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Sky Yoga Therapy 

All Zoom sessions requires a link.  You will receive your own link after registration and payment has been made. 

10 Week Series:    

Group 1
Starts June 19th 2023

If you have had ongoing aches and pains for a long time and tired of living in discomfort,  I am looking for clients to help me complete my 900 hour Yoga Therapy Training.  
150 case studies to be documented and reviewed! 

For each group I am looking for 5 clients who are serious and motivated to move with less or no pain.

Clients must be:  
Committed to working with me for up to 10 weeks.
Complete their practices on their own between sessions.
In order to see any improvement and results,  it is important to follow the homework sessions. 
I have to write up each session (case study) and submit it. 
These are private 1 hour sessions.

Sessions held in person or on zoom.

All sessions will be recorded and are reviewed by Ann and her teacher (then deleted). Video submissions for review are part of my training. If you feel uncomfortable being taped, please do not apply. 

You may find yourself in less/ no  pain, moving better physically, feeling better mentally, sleeping better and have an improved overall sense of wellbeing! 

Cost for each session:  $40*

ALL funding for these series will go towards this tuition expense :)

Thank you for your interest and support!

Interested in registering?
Please send me an email

*Scholarships are available if finances are an issue for you. Please ask Ann*


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