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A Few Of My Favorite Things.... 

Here are some of the props that you'll see me use in my classes.   If you have the right props and equipment, you'll find that your motivational factor will greatly increase!
Always practice and work out in a safe manner.  
I've also listed some of my favorite products. Please always have your healthcare provider approve any products, props and equipment found on this page. 
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Got Body Aches and Pains?
Try these products from Therasage!


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Ipothecary's Mission

Ipothecary was created with the mission to fill the gaps in the healthcare industry with a product line for the lymphatic system that features cutting edge topicals, liposomal plant stem cells, and immune-focused products for the lymph. Founded by Dr. Christine Schaffner, Ipothecary products contain proprietary formulas and quality, effective ingredients, so you can unlock your body's innate ability to heal.

OF COURSE   always check with your healthcare provider for their approval to use these products. 

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Got Feet & Balance Issues?

Have you tried Naboso yet? Check out their products! 
Great for neuropathy, plantar fasciitis,
Balance Issues

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