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Sky Yoga Classes

All classes requires a Zoom link.
All classes are $10 per class 

Once payment has been received, you will receive a zoom link.

Contact Ann for class registration and to receive the link for the classes

If you are under a doctor's care, please make sure you have received their approval and clearance to participate in any of Sky Yoga and Fitness classes.  Practice at your own risk. 

All Levels Yoga
6:00-7:00pm  (Arizona Time Zone)

Focusing on: 
Flexibility, Strength, Stability, Mobility, Balance & Coordination


Bring your hand weights and long stretch band.
Modifications are always available.

Props needed for all yoga classes:
Yoga mat
2 Yoga blocks
1 Yoga strap (or belt)
1 Long stretch band (light to medium strength)*
1 Loop band (medium strength)*
1 Beach towel
Water bottle

* Bands can be purchased at Marshalls, Ross and on Amazon

Sand Dunes

10:00- 11:00 am (AZ  Time Zone)
Yoga for Active Agers 

This class is perfect for those who are brand new to yoga or if it's been 'years' and returning students.

If you doctor and family have been telling you to start practicing yoga but you're too hesitant to start...

Come join this class!   This class will be a simple and basic class. 
You need to start somewhere.   This is the place!

In this class, you may:

  • Improve your flexibility, mobility, stability and balance

  • Improve your posture

  • Improve your sleep and overall sense of well being

  • Increase your muscle strength

  • Increase your brain power! I will put your brain to work! 

  • Learn how to breathe healthier and help reduce stress

  • Learn easy meditation to help your mind, body connect and relax 

Please send Ann an email to receive your Zoom Link.

Once payment has been made, you'll receive the Zoom Link.

Log on 5 minutes before class starts.  Have ample floor space to practice on. 


You will need:

1  Yoga Mat

2 Yoga Blocks

1 Yoga Strap  (6 ft long)


Have a chair available for use if needed for support. Chairs without arms and don't roll around please! 


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