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Class Descriptions 

You'll notice that several of the classes are taught in two formats. 

While the classes may appear to be similar, the intentions are quite different. 


Active Agers   'AA':   WHO qualifies as an Active Ager?    Anyone who has a  birthday! Regardless of age.   While  Active  Agers are considered ages 50+, there are the younger folks who are sedentary and feeling the effects of stiffness and soreness in their bodies. ALL bodies need to keep moving.   'AA' classes are sequenced to create movement,  increasing range of motion, strength, stamina, endurance; improving balance and mental focus.  There is also a focus on fascial movement, exercises for bone health.  Many of the classes will use hand weights. 

Rise n' Thrivers   "RnT':   These classes are designed for those who have been affected by cancer.  Many have had surgeries, treatments and taking medications.  'RnT' classes will focus be regaining range of motion in the affected area of the  body,  improving balance,  mental focus (due to brain fog), strengthen the body. The classes are more gentle in nature.  Increasing flexibility, mobility while reducing stress and tension in the body.   Lymphatic drainage exercises are generally incorporated into the classes.  There are many side effects that accompanies cancer treatments  (insomnia, fatigue, depression, constipation to name just a few) and are addressed in the classes. 

Many Thrivers who have 'progressed' and improved their fitness levels are always welcome to join the Active Agers classes. 

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