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Ann Ford

RYT 500 and Yoga Wellness Educator

Move. Strengthen. Heal.


I have been in the Fitness Industry since 1998.
I teach to all levels of fitness, ages (especially those 55+) and offer modifications if needed.
Every BODY is welcome in my classes.

My goal is to offer many modalities to ensure my students and clients can move with more ease and live with far less pain.

Become more aware of their mind-body connection.
Improve their Activities of  Daily Living (ADL).

I am available for private sessions (in person/ Mesa area or zoom)
Private Small group training/classes available.

Image by John Fowler
Image by Cody Doherty

Who are my typical students and clients?

I work with those ages 55+ looking to improve their health, activities of daily living and fitness levels.

Those who live in constant, chronic pain and assume that will be their ‘story’ forever.  I help them change their story.

Those who have been to Physical Therapy sessions and need extra assistance to move and stay out of pain. 

My clients are those affected by cancer.  They are currently in treatment or have completed their treatments.  I help them to move and strengthen. Regain their lives again. 


Working with me, they have found:

* Healing is always possible and doesn’t have a time limit.  You’re never too old to heal. 

*The ‘issues are in your tissues’.   Tissues can change. No matter the age of your body. Your body is constantly changing. 

*Just when you think you know where the pain is,  that’s not the problem. You body is very complex.  I assist with finding out where the pain came from.  You may be surprised! 



My training is quite extensive and I continue to train to add to my skill set.   These are just a few of my training credentials.

My ongoing interest in the Body-Mind Connection never seems to end. 

I can't help it!  I am a perpetual student and love learning something new!

This is to help me better serve my students and clients. 




Group Exercise Instructor: AFAA
Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist: FAI
Cancer Exercise Specialist: CETI
Registered Yoga Teacher and  Yoga Wellness Educator: 500 hrs

KickPink (Breast Cancer) Practitioner  Level 1 

Let's Do Some Yoga
200 Hrs: Viniyoga, E-RYT
300 Hrs: Yoga Wellness Educator, RYT
Phoenix Rising Yoga
Oncology Y
oga:   Y4C

Let's Work On
Mind & Body Integration
Hakomi Method
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Let's Breathe
Breath Coach: Yogabody

Let's Move and Feel Better
Change Your Brain, Fascia and Body

Level 1 Educator: Franklin Method
Face, Neck and Shoulders Fascia Trainer: Franklin Method

Lower Back Fascia Trainer: Franklin Method 
Level 1 Trainer: Fascial Fitness Academy

Let's Grab Some Sticks and Have Fun!
Cardio Drumming: Fit Group

Silver Sneakers

Other Modalities

Usui Reiki Level III  Practitioner 

Cancer Exercise Specialist

Working with a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist is important to your healing and recovery.

If you are actively in treatment, post treatment or a survivor,  your exercise needs will be different from the standard exercise programs.


Here are a few common scenarios: 

Your doctor tells you to “go work out and get stronger.”

But doesn’t tell you how to safely work out to get stronger.

If you’ve been active before your diagnosis, what happens now? 

What if you weren’t active before your diagnosis? 

Do you go return to your previous activities? Is that safe?

Your body has changed during this cancer journey.  Surgeries, Chemo, Radiation, medication changes your mind and body.

You may have lost strength, flexibility, balance. Perhaps you have ‘chemo brain’ and your memory isn’t the best right now.

What about neuropathy and the potential side effects of lymphedema? 



Working with a Cancer Exercise Specialist is important and the smartest way to regain your health (physically and emotionally) after cancer. 

This is the perfect plan for you:

Every body that has been through cancer is different.  Just as their treatments differ, so does their fitness program. 

 My Role As A

Cancer Exercise Specialist:

I Assist clients to maintain a positive lifestyle behaviors for health promotion.

Improve overall physical health and flexibility.

Correct muscle imbalances.

Prevent / manage lymphedema and other potential side effects of treatments.

Increase Range of Motion (ROM) and correct postural deviations.

Reduce pain and fatigue.

I will work closely with your oncologist and Therapists.  Create the most effective and beneficial program designed for specifically for you.


Must have medical clearance from Doctor prior to first session. 

ANY changes in health requires new medical clearance from Doctor before returning to sessions.

* If you are a cancer survivor 3+ years after last treatment –  Medical clearance not mandatory, Please advise Doctor of new exercise program*

Image by Anton Lecock

Have questions?  Want to learn more?

Please feel free to reach out by filling out the form below or emailing Ann at

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